The philosophy behind the innova immun® products

When we sit together with our research and development team, our aim is to develop series of products which contain innovative, exceptional, high quality and natural ingredients and which are also effective. We have successfully achieved and proven this with our series of products.

With our series of products innova immun®, we have selected micronutrients which are particularly important in supporting the immune system and have processed them according to the most modern scientific characteristics (isolation, production, dosage and sustainability). Our first product innova immun® C was a result of this. It contains vitamin C found naturally in the acerola cherry and the important trace element zinc to support the immune system, particularly in the season of the common cold.

innova immun® Ω is the second product in this series. It is characterised by highly dosed pure fish oil in the form of EPA and DHA contained in small capsules which are easy to swallow. Taking innova immun® Ω daily contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function.

Further products have already been planned and will appear on the market in 2019/2020 and complement the products innova immun® C and innova immun® Ω .